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calfornia marketplace

Episode 14 – California Marketplace with Justin & Lyna

Join us in learning more about the California marketplace while recording live from Hermosa Beach, CA! Streaming on Anchor.fm, iTunes, Spotify. Special Guest Justin Simon, Founder & Executive Producer of Cannabest Productions specializing in full service video production, brand building, social media content, and more. Learn more about Special Guest Lyna Thompson, Co-host of Hitting…
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Episode 13 – Denver Mayor Candidate Kayvan Khalatbari

Tune in to Episode 13 of Lit & Lucid Podcast on iTunes and Anchor with 2019 Denver Mayor Candidate Kayvan Khalatbari About Kayvan I’m a proud product of Denver, by way of Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a community advocate who puts people ahead of profits and isn’t afraid to stand up to big money and…
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Episode 12 – F/420Films Vincent Chandler & Andy Colwell

Episode 12 of Lit & Lucid Podcast is live on iTunes and Anchor.  Tune in to Episode 12 with F/420films Founders Vincent Chandler and Andy Colwell to learn more about their experience as journalisms and how they found their way into the cannabis industry. F/420films is a 420 branded production and media strategy company specializing…
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cannabis 101

Episode 11 – Cannabis 101 with Jarrod & Lucy

Check out Episode 11 Cannabis 101 with Lit & Lucid Podcast hosts Jarrod & Lucy available on Anchor and iTunes. Jarrod Mason Co-Host of Lit & Lucid Podcast Jarrod is the Director of Sales for Los Sueños Farms, the largest sun-grown cannabis farm in North America. Jarrod is also the Founder of Let’s Overthink a…
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Episode 10 – Special Guest Ricardo Baca, Grasslands Agency

Tune in to Episode 10 with special guest, Ricardo Baca, veteran cannabis journalist and founder of Grasslands Agency in Denver, CO. Listen now on Itunes and Anchor.fm Ricardo Baca is a veteran journalist and thought leader in the legal cannabis space. After serving more than two decades as a staff writer, editor and critic at…
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CBD fitness

Episode 9 – Lamar Byrd Jr. Kush Pump & CBD for Fitness

Episode 9 is live on iTunes and Anchor.FM! This week’s episode with Lamar Byrd Jr. owner of Kush Pump and Kush Nutra, full spectrum CBD tincture. Lamar has been competitively weightlifting for over nine years winning six shows in his career. He is a National Level Bodybuilder placing 6th at National’s in 2017. Lamar began…
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Chloe grasslands

Episode 8 with Chloe Steerman, Publicist at Grasslands Agency

Episode 8 of Lit & Lucid Podcast with Chloe Steerman offers insight into the world of public relations and how Grasslands Agency’s services are useful for companies in the cannabis industry. Chloe also discusses ways to enter into the industry offering advice for millennials looking to pursue their dreams through cannabis.  Chloe Steerman began her…
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Episode 7 with Paige Kazazian of Faro Kitchen

Paige Kazazian has been working in the regulated cannabis industry for almost four years now, and is the founder of Faro Kitchen, a health-conscious edible line in Colorado. As a recognized influencer and cannabis professional, she has been interviewed and featured in multiple publications, including High Times, Forbes, Cannapreneur Magazine, and Circa News. Paige has…
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