Month: July 2018

Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast.

cannabis community

Episode 17 – Sensi Day 2018 ft. Cannabis Community

On Saturday July 14, 2018 Sensi Magazine hosted the first Sensi Day at the Stanley Marketplace Hangar in Aurora, CO. Over 130 cannabis companies joined together to offer insight into their products and services, as well as educate current and potential cannabis consumers. Music was provided by The Orcastrator and Selecta Razja. Lit & Lucid Podcast…
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cannabis neuroscience

Episode 16 – Cannabis + Neuroscience Ft. Tristan Watkins, Ph.D of Lucid Mood

In the latest episode of Lit & Lucid Podcast we dive deep into the neuroscience behind cannabis. Tristan Watkins, Ph.D Chief Science Officer of Lucid Mood covers his transition into the industry and how he is utilizing his background in neuroscience to develop specific blends of cannabinoids to target specific moods. Dr. Tristan Watkins is…
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cannabis fitness

Episode 15 – Cannabis + Fitness with Stay Ripped Apparel

Episode 15 discussing cannabis and fitness, the ups and downs of owning a cannabis apparel company, and the 420 Games in Denver, CO with Stay Ripped Apparel. Streaming live on, iTunes, and Spotify. Stay Ripped strives to be the leading provider of high-quality lifestyle apparel to individuals and retailers internationally. Excellent customer service, diversity, growth…
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calfornia marketplace

Episode 14 – California Marketplace with Justin & Lyna

Join us in learning more about the California marketplace while recording live from Hermosa Beach, CA! Streaming on, iTunes, Spotify. Special Guest Justin Simon, Founder & Executive Producer of Cannabest Productions specializing in full service video production, brand building, social media content, and more. Learn more about Special Guest Lyna Thompson, Co-host of Hitting…
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