Month: September 2018

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Episode 26 -Cannabis Art & Current Affairs, Ty Forto of Cannabiscapes

Tune in to Episode 26 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast with Guest, Ty Forto, Artist and Founder of Cannabiscapes. Ty discusses how he began integrating cannabis into his artwork creating the Instagram sensation Cannabiscapes. Ty also chats with Lit & Lucid about current affairs surrounding in the industry, and important measures taking place in…
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cannabis education

Episode 25 – Cannabis Education with Emma Chasen

Tune in to Episode 25 with Emma Chasen, Cannabis Educator in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about the importance of terpenes when choosing a cannabis strain, the critical role of budtenders, as well as some inspirational motivation for all the young entrepreneurs out there. Streaming now on iTunes, Spotify, and Emma Chasen Emma Chasen has…
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Episode 24 – Building a Brand Ft. Aviv Hadar CEO of Oregrown

Tune in to Episode 24 with CEO and Founder of Oregrown Aviv Hadar who discusses the importance of building a reputable brand in the cannabis industry as well Oregrown’s unique athlete sponsorship program. Tune in on ITunes,, and Spotify. Aviv Hadar Oregrown is a standout among cannabis brands. As Oregon’s premier farm-to-table cannabis company,…
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Episode 23 – Cannabis Education & Elderly with David Spitz, CEO of Kind Love Colorado

Tune in to Episode 23 with David Spitz, CEO of Kind Love Colorado one of the oldest dispensaries in Colorado opening in 2010. David discusses the true importance of cannabis for medicinal purposes as well as how to talk to your parents/grandparents about cannabis consumption, and ways for the elderly to utilize cannabis into their…
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