Month: October 2018

Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast.

verra wellness

Episode 29 – Cannabis Science with Dot Colagiovanni, Verra Wellness

Tune in to Episode 29 with Dorothy Colagiovanni, Vice President of Product Development at Verra Wellness located in Westminster, CO. Dot discusses Verra Wellnesses ups and downs when it comes to operating a successful cannabis business in the ever changing industry, as well as the science behind cannabis usage for chronic pain, and more! Streaming…
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craft cannabis

Episode 28 – Craft Cannabis with Danny Sloat, Founder of AlpinStash

Tune in to Episode 28 with Danny Sloat, Founder of AlpinStash, a craft-cannabis cultivator in Longmont, Colorado. Danny discusses the importance of craft cannabis including natural, organic inputs, special care of the plants by the cultivator, as well as ensuring the product is as clean as possible for consumption. Danny educates listeners on why consumer’s…
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confident cannabis

Episode 27 – Cannabis Testing & Strain Recognition with Brad Bogus of Confident Cannabis

Tune in to Episode 27 with Brad Bogus, VP of Growth and Marketing with Confident Cannabis. Confident Cannabis is an online database for cannabis producers, processors, wholesales, and retailers to showcase and discover real time data on various products on the market from licensed laboratories. Brad discusses this software and the importance for it in…
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