Month: February 2019

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Sensi Magazine Cannabis Community

Episode 44- Sensi Magazine + Cannabis Community ft. Associate Publishers Amanda Patrizi and Richard Guerra

Tune in to Episode 44 with Sensi Magazine Associate Publishers in Colorado Amanda Patrizi and Richard Guerra to hear more about Sensi’s mission to cultivate the new normal in terms of cannabis as well as learn more about the cannabis community Sensi has fostered. Sensi Magazine is now available in 8 markets across the U.S.  Richard…
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American Israel Cannabis Association

Episode 43- American Israel Cannabis Association Ft. Sara Gluck

Cannabis research originated in Israel in 1964 by Scientist Raphael Mechoulam who was the first to isolate THC the main active principle of cannabis. Today the American Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) was created in 2015 to foster collaboration between the United States and Israel in terms of education, networking, and assistance with doing business between…
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cannabis publication

Episode 41- Cannabis Publication, Emerald Magazine ft. Christina DeGiovanni

Tune in to Episode 41 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast to hear from Founder and Editor of The Emerald Magazine, Christina DeGiovanni. Learn more about Christina’s journey through the black market cannabis industry and the experiences that led her to where she is today running a cannabis publication found online, and in print in…
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