Month: April 2019

Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast.

White Fox Medicinals

Episode 51 – Ayurvedic Plant Medicine & Microdosing w/ Scarlet Ravin – Founder of White Fox Medicinals

Tune in to Episode 51 featuring Scarlet Ravin, Founder of White Fox Medicinals. Learn more about these ayurvedic  inspired products that were created with the heart space in mind utilizing the powers of animal plant spirits to guide the branding and messaging. Scarlet touches on utilizing plant medicine for healing the mind and body and how…
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Cannabis Millennial Entrepreneurs

Episode 50 – Millennial Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Tune in to Episode 50 as we celebrate this milestone with our first ever LIVE Video Recording of the podcast – Millennial Cannabis Entrepreneurs panel discussion! Join in as we throw it back to our roots exploring millennials in the cannabis industry. Learn from a panel of entrepreneurs discussing the ups and downs of being…
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Green Genomix Cannabis DNA Testing Kit

Episode 49 – Green Genomix Cannabis DNA Testing with Jackson Rowland

Tune in to Episode 49 with Jackson Rowland, Founder and CEO of Green Genomix, Cannabis DNA Testing Kit. Learn more about this innovative product and why consumers will benefit from such testing. The Green Genomix DNA test uses your DNA to identify specific genetic variants known to be responsible for the uniqueness of your biochemical makeup.…
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CSR Lightshade Dispensary

Episode 48 – CSR at Lightshade Dispensary ft. Joanne Madrid

Tune in to Episode 48 with Joanne Madrid, Manager of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Lightshade Dispensary in Denver, Colorado to learn more about the importance of a CSR program and how Lightshade is standing out amongst the crowd with their CSR efforts. Lightshade is committed to offering support to the local communities in…
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