Month: June 2019

Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast.

Rachel Zimbelman Cannabis Marketing

Episode 59 – Cannabis Marketing in Nevada ft. Rachel Zimbelman

Tune in to Episode 59 with Rachel Zimbelman, Founder/COO of Why Workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rachel provides detailed insight into the landscape of cannabis marketing and branding in Nevada. She touches on common struggles brands face when in the development phase especially in terms of packaging rules and regulations and how her business can…
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Episode 58 – DC Cannabis for Small Businesses ft. Shara Gibson

Tune in to Episode 58 with Shara Gibson Founder & CEO of Caniventures a local business in Washington, DC providing business development services to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to enter the cannabis industry. Shara also runs Local Meditations in Georgetown where they only supply local, small business products for sale. Shara and business partner…
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Joel Haas High Speed Dining

Episode 57 – High Speed Dining ft. Joel Haas

Tune in to Episode 57 with Joel Haas, comedian and sound production guru who has taken his career to a new level offering High Speed Dining. HSD is a dumbed down fine dining experience where Joel tackles over 500 restaurants across the country stoned. He is currently on a 420 coast to coast tour where…
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Cannabis Journalism Andrew Matranga

Episode 56 – Cannabis Journalism ft. Andrew Matranga

Tune in to Episode 56 with industry publishing veteran, and college professor at the University of Denver, Andrew Matranga. Learn more about the importance of accurate and unbiased reporting in the cannabis industry from someone who’s been in the cannabis industry since legalization in Denver, CO.  Andrew created the first journalism course focused on cannabis…
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