Month: November 2019

Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast.

CBD Infused Ice Cream

E.73 CBD Infused Ice Cream ft. Sam Rose of Rosebud

Tune in to Episode 73 to learn about Rosebud Ice Cream one of the first CBD-infused ice cream’s to come to market! Founder, Sam Rose discusses his entrepreneurial path over the past three years finally getting himself to today where his products are found in local grocery stores in Colorado. We discuss the importance of…
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E.72 Vaping Crisis: What You Should Know ft. Emma Chasen

Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker,, and beyond! Tune in to Episode 72 to hear from returning guest Emma Chasen, Cannabis Educator and Consultant with Eminent Consulting. Emma dives into ongoing topic of concern surrounding the vaping crisis educating listeners around the facts of the crisis and what you…
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Billion Dollar Dimebag Jackson Tilley

E.71 Billion Dollar Dimebag ft. Jackson Tilley of Organa Brands

Tune in to Episode 71 with Jackson Tilley, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Communications for Organa Brands as he discusses his recent memoir Billion Dollar Dimebag. Jackson provides a millennial’s perspective on the cannabis industry, his personal and professional journey, as well as a historical account on the cannabis industry in the U.S. If you…
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Seed & Smith Dispensary

E.70 Transparency in the Cannabis Industry ft. Seed & Smith Dispensary

Tune in to Season 7 opener with Seed & Smith Dispensary in Denver, CO. We sit down with Robbie Wroblewski and Mike Lempert of S&S to learn more about what differentiates their dispensary from others in Denver. S&S focuses on consumer transparency offering a special glimpse into how cannabis is grown, harvested, extracted, processed, and packaged…
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