Month: December 2019

Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast.

Sphrex Phyx Niccolo Aieta

E.76 – Phyx Cannabis Infused Sparkling Water ft. Niccolo Aieta CTO of Spherex

Tune in to Episode 76 recorded live at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, NV with CTO of Spherex, Niccolo Aieta. Spherex is an innovative cannabis extraction company started in Denver, CO in 2015. Through Niccolo’s background as a chemical engineer and post-doctoral work Niccolo has expanded into cannabis infused sparkling water. Phyx is a tasteless immediate…
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Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine Dr. Rachel Knox

E.75 Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine ft. Dr. Rachel Knox

Tune in to Episode 75 with Dr. Rachel Knox of the American Cannabinoid Clinic to learn more about Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine and its benefits for holistic health and wellness as well as insight into the Oregon cannabis market. Dr. Rachel Knox is a disguised medical practitioner in Oregon specializing in Functional Medicine, Cannabinoid Medicine, and…
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What In My Vape

E.74 Whats In My Vape + Reputable CBD ft. Dot Colagiovanni of Verra Wellness

Tune in to Episode 74 to learn from return guest, Dr. Dot Colagiovanni Vice President of Product Development at Verra Wellness who discusses in detail What’s In My Vape, debunking concerns around vaping and how to protect yourself as a consumer when searching for quality vape products. Verra Wellness recently launched their line of CBD…
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