Month: January 2020

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California Cannabis Patrick King

E.79 Inside California’s Cannabis Market ft. Patrick King, The Soil King

We sat down with Episode 52 return guest, Patrick King, Founder of The Soil King to provide us with insight into the California cannabis market. Despite all the hurdles from 2019 including increased taxes facing consumers Patrick has a positive point of view about the future of recreational cannabis in California. Patrick discusses Big Rootz Soil…
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Willies Reserve Elizabeth Hogan

E.78 Behind the Brand ft. Willie’s Reserve Co-Founder Elizabeth Hogan

Tune in to Episode 78 recorded live at MJBizConference in Las Vegas, Nevada where we sit down with Elizabeth Hogan, Co-Founder of Willie’s Reserve. We discuss the countless hours Elizabeth spent learning more about Willie Nelson and how she took his passion and turned into a successful cannabis company. Willie’s Reserve believes all strains are…
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Greg Welch Cannabiscapese

E.77 The Truth Behind Cannabis Culture ft. Greg Welch, Cannabiscapes

Tune in to Episode 77 recorded live in Las Vegas, Nevada during MJBiz Con week with Greg Welch, formally known as Ty Forto of Cannabiscapes. Listen to Greg’s last episode on L & L where we discuss Cannabiscapes and current affairs in the Florida cannabis market. In Episode 77 we dive into the truth behind…
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