Month: April 2020

Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast.

COVID Crisis Communication Ricardo Baca

E.89 COVID-19 Crisis Communication ft. Ricardo Baca, Founder of Grasslands Agency

As COVID-19 has taken over much of our daily routines many businesses are facing some pretty scary realities about the future of their company. During times like these it’s more important than ever to have solid crisis communication strategies in place to ensure your customers and staff have a clear understanding of where you stand.…
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Last Prisoner Project Andrew DeAngelo

E.88 – Last Prisoner Project ft. Andrew DeAngelo Co-Founder of Harborside

Did you know there are over 40,000 inmates currently incarcerated across the U.S. for cannabis related crimes? As cannabis is continuing to become legal across the U.S. and being deemed an “essential business” by many states this is a huge injustice to those behind bars. Tune in to Episode 88 with Andrew DeAngelo, Co-Founder of…
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