Cannabis Consumer Education Podcast

Matthew Morgan Building Cannabis Empire

E.81 Building a Cannabis Empire ft. Matthew Morgan of Blum Dispensary

Tune in to Episode 81 to hear this inspiring story about Matthew Morgan, a young entrepreneur who’s pushed the limits to build a cannabis empire reaching new highs on a variety of business ventures. In just a short period of time Matthew Morgan went from learning how to cultivate for medical patients in Montana scaling…
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Westword High Style

E.80 – Denver Westword High Style Event ft. Cannabis & Fashion

Tune in to the live recording with Denver Westword, JAM Productions, Jane West, and Stillwater Brands to learn more about the upcoming High Style Event on Thursday March 5th in Denver, CO. High Style will fuse cannabis-inspired fashion, education and wellness into one amazing evening of curated, interactive programming focused on style, substance and sustainability.…
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California Cannabis Patrick King

E.79 Inside California’s Cannabis Market ft. Patrick King, The Soil King

We sat down with Episode 52 return guest, Patrick King, Founder of The Soil King to provide us with insight into the California cannabis market. Despite all the hurdles from 2019 including increased taxes facing consumers Patrick has a positive point of view about the future of recreational cannabis in California. Patrick discusses Big Rootz Soil…
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Willies Reserve Elizabeth Hogan

E.78 Behind the Brand ft. Willie’s Reserve Co-Founder Elizabeth Hogan

Tune in to Episode 78 recorded live at MJBizConference in Las Vegas, Nevada where we sit down with Elizabeth Hogan, Co-Founder of Willie’s Reserve. We discuss the countless hours Elizabeth spent learning more about Willie Nelson and how she took his passion and turned into a successful cannabis company. Willie’s Reserve believes all strains are…
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Greg Welch Cannabiscapese

E.77 The Truth Behind Cannabis Culture ft. Greg Welch, Cannabiscapes

Tune in to Episode 77 recorded live in Las Vegas, Nevada during MJBiz Con week with Greg Welch, formally known as Ty Forto of Cannabiscapes. Listen to Greg’s last episode on L & L where we discuss Cannabiscapes and current affairs in the Florida cannabis market. In Episode 77 we dive into the truth behind…
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Sphrex Phyx Niccolo Aieta

E.76 – Phyx Cannabis Infused Sparkling Water ft. Niccolo Aieta CTO of Spherex

Tune in to Episode 76 recorded live at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, NV with CTO of Spherex, Niccolo Aieta. Spherex is an innovative cannabis extraction company started in Denver, CO in 2015. Through Niccolo’s background as a chemical engineer and post-doctoral work Niccolo has expanded into cannabis infused sparkling water. Phyx is a tasteless immediate…
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Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine Dr. Rachel Knox

E.75 Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine ft. Dr. Rachel Knox

Tune in to Episode 75 with Dr. Rachel Knox of the American Cannabinoid Clinic to learn more about Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine and its benefits for holistic health and wellness as well as insight into the Oregon cannabis market. Dr. Rachel Knox is a disguised medical practitioner in Oregon specializing in Functional Medicine, Cannabinoid Medicine, and…
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What In My Vape

E.74 Whats In My Vape + Reputable CBD ft. Dot Colagiovanni of Verra Wellness

Tune in to Episode 74 to learn from return guest, Dr. Dot Colagiovanni Vice President of Product Development at Verra Wellness who discusses in detail What’s In My Vape, debunking concerns around vaping and how to protect yourself as a consumer when searching for quality vape products. Verra Wellness recently launched their line of CBD…
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CBD Infused Ice Cream

E.73 CBD Infused Ice Cream ft. Sam Rose of Rosebud

Tune in to Episode 73 to learn about Rosebud Ice Cream one of the first CBD-infused ice cream’s to come to market! Founder, Sam Rose discusses his entrepreneurial path over the past three years finally getting himself to today where his products are found in local grocery stores in Colorado. We discuss the importance of…
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E.72 Vaping Crisis: What You Should Know ft. Emma Chasen

Tune in to Episode 72 to hear from returning guest Emma Chasen, Cannabis Educator and Consultant with Eminent Consulting. Emma dives into ongoing topic of concern surrounding the vaping crisis educating listeners around the facts of the crisis and what you should look for to protect yourself as a consumer. Emma also provides insight into…
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