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Every week your host’s Lit & Lucid take you on a journey! A journey to discover the truth and find the balance. We get deep on those thought provoking topics that ooze out of the cannabis universe, but also keep it real by illuminating important issues and people in today's culture.

So kick back, consume your favorite cannabis products and get cozy in the Lit & Lucid lifestyle..

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Meet our Co-hosts Lit & Lucid 

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As an avid consumer since 2013, Lit offers a light and airy perspective on today’s issues.

You’ll find Lit on her yoga mat smoking a jay most days as she uses cannabis to help find balance with her own health and wellness.

t’s through the thoughtful conversations on Lit & Lucid that she hopes consumers will have a greater understanding of both sides of the topic to help cultivate a more conscious cannabis consumer.

Follow her on IG at @lucygreenlove




 A once staunch anti-drug advocate, Lucid discovered cannabis as a natural alternative to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and anxiety.
He has since dedicated his life to getting deep in the cannabis science, culture and commercial enterprise to understand all this plant has to offer.

Through his experience in academics & in the commercial cannabis industry, Lucid offers a more articulate, thought-provoking perspective on today’s topics that will challenge the status quo and get your mind bubbling with fresh ideas.

Follow Lucid on IG: @jrodmase

Lit & Lucid Podcast Series

Welcome to
Season 10

With over 100 episodes under our belt we have now connected with guests all over the U.S. and Canada focusing solely on cannabis education.

 In Season 10 we get personal with our guests discussing thought provoking topics that ooze out of the cannabis universe, but also keep it real by illuminating important issues and people in today’s culture.

Episode 80 LIVE Recording

Tune in to Episode 80 LIVE Production featuring Denver Westword, JAM Productions Co, Jane West, and Stillwater Brands to learn more about cannabis and high fashion as well as
the  High Style Event that happened on March 5th in Denver, CO.

Full video produced by Youwho Brand available on YouTube.
Audio streaming on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify.

Latest Episodes 

Every week your host’s Lit & Lucid take you on a journey!

Max Koby ABSTRAX Future of terpenes

E.109 The Future of Terpenes & Cannabis Quality Analytics ft. Max Koby Founder of ABSTRAX Tech

Prepare to have your mind blown in this episode of Lit & Lucid as we discuss the future of terpenes with Max Koby, CEO of ABSTRAX Tech. Max and his[…]

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Kristin Murr-Sloat AlpinStash

E.108 Cannamoms & Clean Cannabis Ft. Kristin Murr-Sloat of AlpinStash

Tune in to Episode 108 featuring Kristin Murr-Sloat Co-Founder of AlpinStash, small-batch clean cannabis cultivation in Colorado. We discuss Kristin’s journey of utilizing cannabis for a back injury related to playing[…]

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Legal Cannabis Michigan Social Equity Narmin Jarrous

E.107 Legal Cannabis in Michigan & a Creative Social Equity Solution ft. Narmin Jarrous

Tune in to Episode 107 featuring Narmin Jarrous, Chief Development Office of Exclusive Brands. We discuss how she found cannabis to help alleviate many years of pain and suffering from[…]

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Discovering Truths Maryam Henein

E.106 Discovering the Truth ft. Maryam Henein of the Honey Colony

Tune in to Episode 106 with return guest, Maryam Henein of the Honey Colony as we dissect today’s world events to help discover the truth. Maryam is an investigative journalist[…]

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